Getting to know us better/Welcome

Mizar Agency was founded in 1981 to create a valid estate service for Imola. Our object was to help “find the right home” for those who approached the new service. We can safely say today, nearly 30 years from that date, to have grown whit the Agency in our service of seeking a home and other. In fact the people who work with us for you, take part in revision courses and consult the best professional people in the trade. What is more our Agency is a member of FIAIP ( Italian Federation of Estate Agencies) which extends throughout Italy.

In 1999 Mizar Valle was formed also with the intent of “house hunting”, but this time in the Valley of Santerno (river) plus catering for European buyers.

To assist our investment purchasers we have added a letting department which strictly follows the new lease-tenancy requirements and legal advisors.


Shop window

Attico in Imola (Ref : V549)
Selling price : 370 000 €
Villa o casa indipendente in Fontanelice (Ref : V537)
Selling price : 132 000 €
Appartamento in Casalfiumanese (Ref : V495)
Selling price : 155 000 €